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Sheet Fed Presses

Heidelberg presses for sale

1996 Heidelberg QM 46-2 (2) color
23 MM impressions, (2) colors
Everything works.
Ref# 4767

2008 Heidelberg SM52-4 (4) color press
11M impressions

(4) colors
Ref# 5496

2007 Heidelberg CD74-5-LX-F, 23-1/2" x 29-1/8" (5) Color Press
Like NEW with 34mm Impressions,

Non-Stop Feed & Delivery, Pre-Loader, Inline Tower Coater with Anilox Roller Chambered Doctor Blade, Extended Delivery, CP2000, Alcolor VARIO Dampening, AUTOPLATE, Plate Cocking, Prinect Axis Control Plus Prepress Interface, Plate Punch and Bender, Chromed Cylinders, Inkline 3000 Version Ink Dispensing System, Preset Plus, Intercom System, Auto Roller and Blanket Washers, Auto Impression Cylinder Washers, Technotrans Beta C Ink Temperature Control and Water Refrigeration System, Compressor,  Drystar 2000 IR Dryer, Powder Spray, Rated 15000 SPH, In Production

Ref# 5504

1991 Heidelberg CD 102S (6) color press
118MM impressions, CPC 1.03, Hot air knife & IR dryer for running coating in 6th print unit
Excellent condition, under power


KBA press for sale

1998 KBA Genius 5 Color Waterless UV Offset Press
1mm impressions. Waterless offset, UV Cure.

14 x 20 format, excellent for high-quality short to medium run color. 
Very versatile press capable of printing standard paper, board and plastics up to 30pt. Lift kit, plate hangars, all bells & whistles.

Ref# 5317

Komori presses for sale

2007 Komori LSX529C 5 Color + Coater
22 million Impressions 
Komorimatic Delta Damps, Tresu/Royse R&R (Damp Circulators), Ink Temp Control, Tresu
Chiller / Condenser (Roof Mount), Auto Roller Wash, Auto Blanket Wash, Harris & Bruno Anilox Coater w/ Pump, PQC Console Control + Light, PDCS, Weko Powder Spray System, Pierry IR Dryer w/ Air Knives, Plate Punch
Ref# 5453

1990 Komori L226 (2) color press
29MM impressions
Komorimatic dampening, Remote console w/ Ink Key, register, chilled rollers.
Ref# 4829

MAN Roland presses for sale

1988 MAN Roland 606 (6) Color 40" press

Maybeg Feeder, Rolandmatic Dampening, Refrigerated Recirculation, Powder Sprayref #5502

2005 MAN Roland R500 23" X 29" (6) Color + Coater 
Factory configured to add UV!
For16# Bond to 36 pt. Board
80 MM Impressions
Automated make-ready w/ Pecom Press Center Console, Automatic Ink settings, sheet size and printing pressure through, Non-Stop Feeder and Delivery, Double Diameter Impression Cylinder & Double Diameter Transfers, Semi-Auto Plate Changers, Automatic Blanket Washers, Automatic Inking Roller Washing, Auto Impression Cylinder Washers, Remote register, Aqueous Coater w/ quick change, Extended Delivery, High Pile Delivery with Double Diameter Delivery Drum, Grafix IR Dryer, 80 MM impressions
Up and Running, Can be Fully Inspected!
Ref# 5212

Mitsubishi presses for sale

2001 Mitsubishi Diamond 1000 LS 6+T/C+E/D

(6) Color 28” Press
93MM Impressions
Auto Blanket Washers, Semi-Auto Plate Hangers, CIP3, Console Control and Aqueous Harris Bruno Coater
Ref# 4894

Ryobi presses for sale
2004 Ryobi 3404X DI Direct Impression
16mm impressions, 13" x 18", max paper thickness 20pt, RIP w/ Eclipse Release SP
Press is in good running condition
Ref# 5322

Sakurai Oliver presses for sale
2005 Sakurai 575sd 23" x 29" (5) color press with inline Aqueous coater
50MM Impressions
Non Stop Feeder, CIP 4 interface, Automated Plate Changers, Ink Roller Washup, and Blanket Washers; Sakurai color console Type-I, Sheet Size Presets, Cylinder cocking, Suction belt feeding, Olivermatic dampening, Technotrans Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit, Grafix Digitronic IR Dryer with temp control, Anilox Tower roller coater with chambered doctor blade, extended platform feeder/delivery.
Press is in production and can be seen running.
Ref# 5233

2002 Sakurai 29" Oliver 672 EDII (6) color press w/ AQ coater

70mm impressions

Sakurai Color Console Unit, Olivermatic continuous Dampening, Auto plate, Auto blanket, Auto wash, Extendend delivery, NEW Harris & Bruno aqueous coater, New Royse recirculation
Ref# 5554

Bindery Machinery - for more info / photos or go to

Paper Cutters for sale
1987 Polar EM115 Cutter
ref# 5498

Die Cutters for sale
Heidelberg Cylinder S 21" x 28" Die Cutter
21-1/4" x 28-3/8 max sheet size
Nice shape!
Ref# 5324

Kluge 14"x22" HD Die Cutter
Includes Guarding;(1) Chase; (1) Honeycomb; (3) Foil Pulls; 2-Zone Heat System. Under power, in production.
Ref# 5315

Saddle Stitchers for sale
Muller 335 (4) Pocket Stitcher
(4) model 306 Pockets, 335 Stitching Unit, 890 Three-Knife Trimmer, NO cover feeder.
Rebuilt in 2007 - Good shape
Ref# 5398

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